Disclosure: Many of the thinks below are affiliate links, but all the links below are links that I highly recommend. Every link on this page is a product or service that I have personally used and loved.


Home and Family:

Plant Therapy: I love essential oils and have been using them for years, but I was constantly getting frustrated by the high prices as well as having to research every single oil to make sure it was safe for my family. Last year I cam across Plant Therapy oils and I fell in love. Not only are they super affordable (as low as 9.95 for a 10ml bottle) but they also have a KidSafe line. It’s so nice not having to worry about if a product is safe for my family or not!

Splash Math: Splash Math is a math app for kids that we bought for Addi when she was still homeschooled. The whole idea is to take math away from the monotony of workbooks and make learning a game. You can get a whole grade worth of content for just 9.99, or you can buy the entire curriculum (kindergarten through fifth grade) for only 29.99.

Duolingo: Our older kids attend a language immersion school, and as a challenge the whole family is attempting to learn Spanish with them. I love Duolingo because it breaks the language down into very small and manageable lessons, and you can retake the lessons as often as you want. Oh yea, and it’s completely FREE!

Cloth Diapers: We cloth diaper because it’s not only better for the planet, but also for our budget! Did you know the average family spends an average of 2,577 dollars on disposable diapers in a child’s life? I have three kids, I ain’t got time for that, so cloth diapers it is! For newborns and up until the baby starts to try to run away from diaper changes I really like prefolds used with covers and Snappi‘s. But once the child start to run away from diaper changes I need to get the job done as fast as possible so I start to go with all-in-ones. Some of my favorite brands are Smart Bottoms, BumGenius, and Blueberry.

Budget & Finances:

EveryDollar: I’m normally a paper and pen budget type of girl, but I hate going through my receipts and breaking down what purchase went into which budget category. What I love about EveryDollar is I can enter my paper and pen budget into the app, and I can also connect it with my bank accounts. This allows for faster expense tracking, and I can check my account balances at the same time.

Financial Peace University: Financial Peace University is the most comprehensive and down to earth finance class I have ever taken. God’s and grandma’s ways of handling money is the way creator Dave Ramsey puts it. In the course Dave teaches you everything from why debt is bad, to how to get out of it, to the best ways to invest in college funds and retirement savings once you are debt free. Plus once you purchase the course once you can take the class over and over again if you want.

Total Money Makeover: Don’t have time for a nine week course? That’s cool, many people don’t. But if you don’t have time to take the FPU course above I really, really, really recommend picking up a copy of Dave’s book The Total Money Makeover, it’s like a condensed version of the FPU course. It’s also a very easy read, I got through it in just a day.

Blog, Vlog, and YouTube:

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing: Already have a blog, but wanting to learn the best way to monetize it, or are you starting a new blog all together?  Either way Michelle’s Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course will be an invaluable asset as you learn and grow. In her course Michelle teaches you how she how she took her blog from a part time side hustle to her full time business that earns her over 50,000 a month.  Hands down if you are a blogger you NEED this course, there is no doubt about it.

PicMonkey: PicMonkey is my go-to site for editing the pictures you see on my blog as well as my YouTube thumbnails. PicMonkey is great because not only do they offer a wide arrange of free options, but you can have access to the full site for only as low as 3.99 a month.  What a steal!

Canon: For vlogging as well as my main YouTube channel videos I currently use my Canon PowerShot G7 X. I love the flip up screen that allows me to make sure my shots are accurate and centered, even when I’m looking at the camera lens. I use my Canon EOS Rebel T2i to take all my blog photos, using this remote shutter for the shots of myself.