Dream Big: Plans For After Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball

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When I was a little girl, the only thing I ever dreamed of was getting out of my small hometown. Where did I want to go? That was easy, New York City. I read everything about it, watched every show that set there. I even read the New York Times when I could get my hands on it.

This was probably because my mom traveled a lot with her job and New York was one of the places she went most often. She was even there when the city had the massive power outage in 2003 and came home to tell me how fun the street parties were. There was never a doubt in my mind that I would get there someday.

You could say I was obsessed.

But, as it often does, life happened. I got pregnant and married young. We did move out of our hometown, but it was where the Army sent us. When my husband got out we moved back home, then moved away again to Colorado when Austen got sick. I’ve spoken to my husband about my dreams of moving to New York continuously over the years, but we aren’t naive. We know to live even halfway comfortably in New York it takes money, a lot more money than Colorado or Texas. Especially when you have children and a family.

I’ve talked about why I want to get out of debt before, how I want to travel the world with my kids, how I want to retire comfortably. How I want to leave my children a legacy. Oh, and I want to move to New York City. Maybe not forever, but for a few years at least. One thing the military taught me is that you don’t really experience a new place by visiting. Instead, you want to live there.

I want to really experience New York.

But, I know New York is a long way away. We have to get our personal finances in order, pay off our debt, and make enough money a month so that we don’t get back into it. That might take a while! But it will happen. And it will be so worth it to be able to go there without worrying about having a creditor call me the day after we move in.

This is a big dream, I know that. But it is my dream and somehow, some way I know I will make it happen.

Now, it’s time I get back to our budget.

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March 2018 Goals

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March is a historically good month for me. I mean I was born during it and you can’t have a better life event than birth, you know? I have high hopes for this March, and in the spirit of keeping myself in check (and because I just really like lists), I’ve decided to create a list of goals for the month. My thinking is that monthly goals are broader than daily lists, but it’s also easier to keep track of and more attainable than new years resolutions.


My March goals are:

  • To continue my Lenten discipline of no extra spending (more lists will need to be involved)
  • Keep track of every penny we spend
  • Get back on a cash budget/envelope system
  • Go through the entire month without taking anything from savings
  • Go through all of our closets and get clothes listed on PoshMark
  • Build our garden beds and plan our garden layout for the year
  • Pay off our smallest debt, which is 175 that we owe towards my cell phone

Happy March everyone! Do you have a list of goals for the month? Share them in the comment section below.