My Grown-Up Skin Care Must Haves (Product Review)

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.I have a confession to make: I’ve never had a real skin care routine. Yes, I am a real life, grown-up, mom of three, that has never taken the time to actually care about my skin. Sure I’d buy moisturizer here and there. But never really cared what it was made of, or what it did for my skin. And I never thought of needing products beyond that, face wash, and maybe a toner here and there. I definitely was never consistent in caring for my skin, it just wasn’t that important to me.

But then I moved to Colorado, where dry skin reigns with an iron fist thanks to the cold air and constant winds. Also, as I inch closer to the big 3-0 I have started to notice these horrible creatures called fine lines inching their way into the corners of my eyes. It wasn’t hard to come to the conclusion that it was time to take my skin care seriously and fast.

But I feel like I’m kind of in a hard market. I’m too young to require major anti-wrinkle products, but I’m too old for products geared towards teenagers. And it didn’t help that I was looking for natural/organic product. As well as ones that were under 40.00 and would last a long time, and had eco-friendly packaging.  Needless to say, it took me awhile to find products that fit all these categories. And it took even longer to find ones that worked with my skin. But now that I am done, I am so excited to share my must have with you.

Face Wash

The problem with most face washes is they either do not seem to wash my face enough or are too harsh on my skin. There is nothing like using a toner on what you thought was a clean face, only to find tons of makeup coming off on the wipe. But after scouring the for months I came across the by Hello Organic Facial Cleanser by True and Olive. It’s a deep cleansing oil made with ingredients like lavender, lemongrass, and rosemary. And the best part was it was made to use on crazy acting grown-up skin like mine! I quickly emailed the company asking if they would allow me to review their product, and I got the sweetest email back from Christine, agreeing to send me both their face wash and face oil (more on that later).

The only thing I can say is this product is amazing. It is formulated for breakouts, which I do not have and almost made me skip past it. But it also promises to be balancing and nourishing, so I was intrigued. It gave me hope that it wasn’t drying like most acne formulas can be.

I’m glad I went with my gut, this face wash is fantastic! My skin doesn’t feel dry or tight after using it, and on top of that, it really deep cleans my skin. Two pumps of this formula lathers nicely and manages to get all of my makeup off in one wash. This allows me to skip the step of using coconut oil to get my makeup off, saving me time. The scent is also pleasant and refreshing,  without being overwhelming. And it comes in a glass jar which satisfies my minimal waste desires.

Overall I can honestly say I love this product, and will definitely by it again once my bottle runs out. I don’t think that will be for awhile though because I’ve used it every day for the last month and I’ve barely made a dent. Which makes the 24.95 it costs per bottle well worth it for my budget.


It took a lot to sell me on the idea of having a serum. I really just did not want to add another step to my skincare routine if I’m being honest. But then I started reading up on Vitamin C Serum and now I don’t think I will ever go back. Vitamin C helps to protect you from sun damage, prevents wrinkles and fine lines, promotes collagen production, provides moisture, and helps to reduce under eye circles. That’s a lot of punch packed into a tiny bottle.

I’ve been using this one from LilyAna Naturals for almost a year now, and have only had to rebuy it once, which makes the 19.99 price even more affordable. And just like the True and Olive Facial Cleanser, this comes in a glass bottle, which makes me happy that I can repurpose it or recycle it without hassle.



Ah Colorado, the land of dry air and skin that begins to look like scales as soon as the first cold wind blows in the fall. My first winter here it took me by complete surprise. I had never lived somewhere that moisturizer was actually a necessity before. I mean, Texas and Hawaii were humid enough to provide my skin with all the moisture it needed most of the year, and even in California, I did not notice a major difference. But here, well it’s a whole new ball game.

Searching for a moisturizer was almost just as hard as searching for a face wash. I wanted something that was anti-aging, but also natural/organic, affordable, and came in good packaging. After several months of searching, I finally settled on the Mirakle Cream by The Better Skin Co.

This product is definitely the least eco and budget-friendly on my list. But y’all, my skin has never been better. None of the more natural products, even more expensive ones, were able to touch what this cream can do.

Featured on the likes of Wendy and The Zoe Report, this 2017 Clean Beauty Awards Best Face Care winner lives up to it’s promises. It hydrates, reduces the appearance of all those lines and wrinkles, and leaves my skin feeling soft and silky. Plus I do give it points for being vegan, paraben free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. And although the packaging is plastic, I can recycle it in my community.

The worst part about the product is it’s 34.00 price tag since the bottle is so small. But for what it does it’s really not a lot at all. I tried cheaper drugstore options, and they just did not compare to this cream. The good thing is a little goes a long way, in the month I’ve been using it I’ve barely made a dent in the bottle. I’m excited to see how long it lasts, and I’ll make sure to update everyone in the future!

Face Oil

Similar to my thoughts about serum, it took a while for me to come around to the idea of face oil. Even with my dry skin I was scared that a face oil on top of a moisturizer would be too much. I didn’t want my skin to turn oily in the process.

But through my search for a face wash, and my finding of True and Olive’s Facial Cleanser, I also found their Bloom Face Oil & Serum, and the reviews left me intrigued. Several reviewers noted that this oil did not leave their skin feeling oily at all. And even Christine (co-owner of the company, and who the products were originally made for) had oily skin before trying this product and used it to combat her own adult skin care issues. The company’s claim that oil will fight oil seemed to the case for many reviewers.

I was so excited when Christine agreed to send me this to try on top of the facial cleanser. And my excitement was not in vain. This face oil does exactly what I want it to do, providing a great final layer to my routine. Plus, the amazing scent of it’s natural and organic ingredients (such as lavender and bergamot essential oils) lingers lightly throughout the day. It’s heavenly.

Since my skin is so dry I use this product on top of my moisturizer each day. I simply pat it in lightly to help it soak into my skin. The two together have left my skin feeling soft and angelic. No more scaly patches on my jawline! At 34.95 this is the most expensive item on my list. But it’s a 2oz bottle and it only takes one pump to cover my entire skin and face. Which makes me think it will last well over 6 months, if not the whole year. That and the fact that it comes in a glass bottle like it’s counterpart make me sure that I will buy this product for years to come. I can definitely see them becoming permanent places in my skincare routine for years to come.

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